Carterbobbie Vaporizer liposome lipo opto nt ocular 8ml

Carterbobbie OPTO lipo nt 1-dose bottle with spray acrylic


Carterbobbie OPTO lipo nt Bottle 1-dose bottle with spray acrylic


It is a synthetic material, sterile, ocular vaporizer based on Liposomes containing inside vitamin A and vitamin e.
Spraying on the closed eye allows an even distribution on the eyelids and eyelid, from the eyelid every wink allows a uniform distribution of the product on the surface of the eye.


check computer
check heat sources
check wind
check Red eyelids
It is indicated as an adjunct of the lipid layer of the tear film, also being inflammation of eyelids, lacrimal dysfunction treatment increased in evaporation (VDU workstations, air conditioning, heat, wind, eyelid diseases).
It is a medical device EC 0546

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