Sauflon contact lens LIQUIDS SYNERGI 380 ml

Sauflon contact lens LIQUIDS SYNERGI 380 ml. with contact lens


Sauflon contact lens LIQUIDS SYNERGI 380 ml. with contact lens

Absence of preservatives
No accession of preservatives to the surface of the lens, which is particularly relevant for Silicone Hydrogel contact lenses.
Disinfecting agents present in Oxipol ™ break down into oxygen, salt and water
The oxygen molecules that are generated by this process contribute to the vitality of corneal cells.
Lubricants present in Oxipol ™ ensure that the lens surface is highly wettable
More comfort at the beginning and end of the day.
Contains HPMC
Improves comfort of the bearer for the whole day.
Extraordinary action disinfectant
Proven efficacy against ocular pathogens.
Synergi ™ is suitable for sensitive eyes
The formulation preservative offers greater compatibility and tolerance on the part of a much wider number of carriers.
Synergi ™ can be used to rehydrate the lens during daily use
Ensures a comfortable haven for the recommended maximum time.
Contact lens from antibacterial properties
Antimicrobial effectiveness of contact lens helps prevent proliferation of biofilm and ensures greater safety for the bearer.


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