omisan oftylla 15 ml-camomile and Mallow

OMISAN contact lens solutions Oftylla 15 ml-camomile and Mallow


OMISAN contact lens solutions Oftylla 15 ml-camomile and Mallow

Oftylla malva and camomile is a solution ocular lubricant and Moisturiser formulated even for contact lens wearers, containing fluid extracts of Mallow and camomile in sterile saline, buffered, autopreservata and biocompatible.
Its use promotes the use of contact lenses and reduces any reddeningdue to the presence of camomile extract, flower from very well known Antiinflammatory properties.
The lubricating effect of mauve eliminates any sensation of dryness
Oftylla malva and camomile It is essential on windy or sunny when he spends a long time in closed rooms or with air conditioning and in all those situations that may cause a sensation of dry eyes. 

Contraindications: to date there were no contraindications, it is not recommended to use, so just in case of hypersensitivity or allergy to the product components.

Matricaria Chamomile 
properties: spasmolytic, antinevralgic, anti-rheumatic, antipruriginose, lenitive, anti-reddening, ophthalmic decongestants, uses-farma-pharmaceutical field: in eye drops and its ophthalmic products in General, Chamomile extracts are among the most used around the world for their Antiinflammatory, soothing and decongestant qualities.
In pharmaceutical practice, in fact, Chamomile is used for the treatment of conjunctivitis and for red eyes and tired. 
90 days is usable up to after first opening. 

Malva Silvestris 
La Malva silvestris has emollient, soothing, expectorant properties, Antiinflammatory, ophthalmic and pharmaceutical uses and decongestants: for the presence of vitamins, sugars, polyphenols (anthocyanin), la malva exerts Antiinflammatory action effectively, astringent and vasoprotective Mallow is widely used in eye drops eye diseases caused by anti-inflammatory and decongestant indicated in foreign bodies (dust, contact lenses, etc.). The high content of mucilage, moreover, gives this plant lubricating properties that, in ophthalmic preparations, are widely used in the field contactology. 


Size: 15 ml


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